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Untangle assembly references with CheckAsm
CheckAsm screenshot
Clear overview of all references
CheckAsm displays assembly references in a tree with the analyzed assembly on top. Assemblies having issues are marked with a special icon.
Discover issues
CheckAsm verifies assembly versions, locations, architectures, circular references, and more...
The Create Graph feature lets you visualize references when the tree view is just not enough.
Clean it up!
Trash Finder shows assemblies that are most likely not used at all.
Go Pro!
Use the console CheckAsm in your continuous integration builds to detect new issues immediately.
"It saved us a lot of time and is really easy to use. It is a great free tool."
Julia Schlosser, Inetium.
"CheckAsm is famous because it is a great assembly dependency viewer, allowing you to find what references are incorrect, which assemblies are missing, and why your application can not start."
Famous Software Editor
You may use the ad-supported version for free and share with others as well. It is not allowed to share the paid version nor the evaluation version. See the full End User License Agreement. The free installer offers installation of software from our partner. You are not required to install the third party software in order to use CheckAsm.
CheckAsm requires .NET 4.0 to be installed and takes around 2 MB on hard drive. RAM usage varies and depends mainly on the number of assembly references.
Install the application using the downloaded installer. Start the application and select menu File-Open or use assembly name as a command line parameter. Dragging an assembly into the application's main window is possible as well.
Command line usage:
CheckAsm [assembly.dll | netapplication.exe]